Most Popular Dog Breeds For 2006

Posted: Mar 04 2009

Originally published January 24th, 2007

The AKC has announced the most popular dog breeds for 2006, and the Labrador Retriever tops the list. Labs have been the dog of choice for Americans for awhile now, but that probably won’t last for much longer. Smaller breeds, especially Yorkshire Terriers and Dachsunds are quickly growing in popularity. In fact, the Yorkie is now the second most popular dog breed in the U.S.

The Yorkshire Terrier is on pace to become the most popular dog breed within a few years. According to AKC spokesperson Lisa Peterson, “We have been closely tracking dog ownership trends and AKC data reveals that the popularity of smaller breeds continues to grow over the last decade. Not since the Boston Terrier hit the top nearly 70 years ago has a small breed worked its way to such a high spot on the list.”

Hooray for Yorkies! Here is the top ten list for 2006.

Top 10 Dog Breeds In The U.S. For 2006 (By Ownership)
1) Labrador Retriever
2) Yorkshire Terrier
3) German Shepherd
4) Golden Retriever
5) Beagle
6) Dachshund
7) Boxer
8) Poodle
9) Shih Tzu
10) Miniature Schnauzer


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