More On Bringing The “Other” Baby Home

Posted: Mar 05 2009

Originally published February 8th, 2007

We recently published a dog care article called Preparing For Baby – What Should Fido Expect When You’re Expecting. We received a lot of positive e-mails about the article, and we thank everyone for that. It seems like more and more people these days will have a dog first, and then bring home a baby a year or so later.

Of course, we all want the family to play nice, but since dogs can’t talk, it’s a little harder to get them to understand what is happening. Preparing the family dog for a new arrival seems like a popular subject right now. Inside Bay Area Online also recently published a great little piece entitled Tips on how to bring your ‘other baby’ home. I find this quote to really be on the money:

“The most important thing to remember is that your dog or cat has been the center of attention, and when you bring that human baby home your pets can experience emotions similar to sibling rivalry. The best way to avoid this, or at least diminish the impact on your pet, is to start working with her well before the baby arrives.”

The article also makes this wise recommendation:

“Transition your pet by getting him used to the new smells and sounds he will be exposed to. You can play a recording of a baby crying, use the rocking chair in the nursery, and push the stroller around the room. You can even use a doll as a stand-in so your pet will get used to you carrying a baby around.”

For those interested, we recently added a great CD to the store called Sounds Of Baby. For families worried about bringing the other baby home, this is an excellent product.


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