Westminster Remembers Dogs Lost To Katrina

Posted: Mar 05 2009

Originally published February 14th, 2007

The opening night of the Westminster Dog Show paid a moving tribute to the lost dogs of Hurricane Katrina. As well all know, the horrible devastation of the hurricane separated many dogs from their families. Thousands of dogs did not survive this disaster.

The following ABC News article, Westminster Remembers Katrina’s Lost Dogs points out a sad story from New Orleans:

“When he was a boy, Hiram Stewart took a bus to Virginia, put a puppy in a paper bag and cradled it all the way home to New Orleans. For more than three decades, he’s cared for dogs in the Big Easy. Usually champion dogs, the kind that will reach the Best in Show ring this week at Westminster.

Still, nothing prepared him for what he saw happening to pets around town after Hurricane Katrina hit. Like that pair of little beagles with the pleading eyes, chained inside a garage.

“Every time a car would drive by, they’d come out, hoping it was their owner,” Stewart said. “I knew the situation better than those two poor dogs did. It wasn’t going to be just a few days.”

We applaud the Westminster Dog Show for paying tribute to the dogs that were lost to this horrible tragedy. So many mistakes were made in handling this disaster and it seems like the details are finally coming to light. Let’s hope that this discussion also includes remedies on how our nation’s pets can be assisted in times of national emergencies.


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