Toby Gets A Second Chance

Posted: Mar 05 2009

Originally published March 9th, 2007

One of the best things about being in the dog supply business is the wonderful stories that we hear almost every day about pet adoption. We cannot stress this enough – if you are thinking about getting a pet, and are not going to show your dog, why not adopt a dog from a local rescue or shelter group? There are rescue groups for almost every breed under the sun. If you like Labs, there is certainly a Lab Rescue near you. Love Yorkies? No problem, there is probably a Yorkie group too.

The point here is that rescuing a dog is a fantastic option and it usually works out great for the owners. Take the story of Toby, for example. Carol Schulz writes in the that Toby Has Brought Joy To His New Family. Carol writes:

“Toby is a golden-retriever mix who came into our family six years ago in January. We had just lost our family pet of more than 13 years, and we felt a sense of emptiness. We decided to go to the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. I could not believe my eyes. Toby was sitting in his cage with a toy in his mouth just waiting for a family. I was hooked from the start. We adopted Toby immediately, and our family is now complete and full of fun.”

Good for Carol. We feel the exact same way about our little Labrador Daisy. These are wonderful dogs that just needed a second chance. And although we have given Daisy so much over years, everytime we see her wag her tail, we know in our hearts that we received the better of the deal.


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