Fourth of July & Summer Safety Tips

Posted: Mar 10 2009

Originally published July 4th, 2007

Happy Independence Day, America!

Here are a few reminders to help keep your pets safe over the holiday and throughout the summer months.

Barbeque Protocol
There’s nothing better than a good, old fashioned barbeque for lazy summer weekends and special holiday celebrations. But remember dogs and alcohol do not mix. Even a small amount of alcohol can cause intoxication, depression, coma or even death if ingested by Fifi or Fido. Party foods like chips, burgers and brats can lead to stomach upset, vomiting and diarrhea so be sure to limit your dog’s access to the buffet table!

Fireworks Fears
Never use fireworks around dogs and be sure to store your stash safely away from pets and children. Dogs and cats may be frightened by dazzling fireworks displays so be sure to give your pets a safe haven away from the noise and commotion. And, remember to clean up fireworks debris after your celebration as remains can contain toxic material such as heavy metals, copper, nitrate, arsenic and other poisons.

Stay Cool
Prevent dehydration and overheating by providing your pets easy access to fresh, clean water. Make sure your dog has a cool, shady spot to escape the sun if you’ll be spending time outdoors, and never, ever leave your dog or cat in a parked vehicle (even with the windows open). Heat stroke in dogs and cats can occur quickly even in moderate temperatures. If you think your dog may be overheating get him into a cool spot immediately, and call your veterinarian for help as soon as possible.

Tan Lines Optional
Be sure to use pet-safe sunscreen if you’re planning to take your pooch to the beach. Even if you don’t have a Chinese Crested, dogs can suffer from sun burns so take appropriate precaution. We love Flea the Scene and use it on ourselves and our dogs because it smells great, keeps the flies away and provides a safe sunscreen for humans and canines alike.

Be safe, have fun and give your pooch a big smooch from us!


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