An Ounce of Prevention: 5 Tips To Help Keep Your Dog in Top Shape

Posted: Mar 04 2009

We’ve all heard the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. This saying certainly holds true when it comes to pet ownership. In an article titled, “How to Curb the Rising Cost of Owning a Pet” The Wall Street Journal recently outlined ways in which pet owners might control pet expenses. We’ve expanded the premise to include the following simple tips to help keep your pooch in tip-top shape as well as giving your wallet a break.

1 – Feed a high quality dog food.
Better food means better nutrition and that boils down to fewer trips to the vet. An apple a day…

2 – Learn basic grooming techniques.
Take 30 minutes each week to brush your dog’s coat and teeth, trim her nails and clean her ears. Not only will you help your pooch look and feel better you’ll save the expense of going to the groomer.

3 – Keep your dog at a healthy weight.
We know how hard it is to resist those sad puppy eyes, but try to resist over-feeding Fido! With obesity-related health problems on the rise in the pet population you’re better off taking your pup for an extra walk rather than feeding him that extra biscuit.

4 – Pure-Bred Dogs and Pound Puppies
If you’ve got your heart set on a pure-bred pooch spend some time researching breeders. Find out what health problems are common in your breed, talk to different breeders and ask them specific questions about their lines and their breeding methods. Talk to other breed owners. If you’re adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue ask for copies medical records. Try to get as much background information you can both behavioral and physical.

5 – Spay or Neuter your dog
Many animal shelters offer low cost spay/neuter programs to the communities they serve. Spaying or neutering your dog helps reduce unwanted pregnancies as well as reducing the risk of certain cancers including ovarian cancer in females and prostate cancer in males.