Scout's Portrait By Artist Brooklyn Lamb

Posted: Jan 26 2012

We are big admirers of artist Brooklyn Lamb. Brooklyn specializes in original paintings and stylized illustrations. Brooklyn has been doing some pet portraits lately, so we jumped at the opportunity to commision a portrait of Scout (PupLife's Chief Creative Officer). Just check out Brooklyn's wonderful portrait of our Scoutie!

We find Brooklyn Lamb's style to be original, playful, and slightly mysterious. Just like Scout! On her site, she says "I love finding the difference in people's expressions through paint. To me, a painting is much deeper than a photograph could ever delve. It's much more raw, with more than just feeling and emotion, but a layer of mystery that the beholder has to shape together to get the sense of it. It is a journey for me that continues to create both excitement and fear."

We recently sat down with Brooklyn for a short question and answer session about her wonderful painting style.

How long have you been painting?
Since I was 16, so 10 years now.  It was a dream I had to be a painter since I was little. Gradually I've gotten the nerve to try. Still have a ways to go.

What drew you to pet portraits?
Who doesn't like portraits of their pets? I love animals, they are just like little kids.  Each has it's own personality and it's fun trying to express that.

How would you describe your style?
I'm really not sure.  A lot of times in my mind I want a painting to turn out a certain way, and my hand just does whatever it wants.  I'm usually drawn to big brush strokes and color, so I try to incorporate that into my work.

Do you approach painting pets from a different perspective?
I feel a little more free than when I paint people.  Pets aren't really sensitive if their hair looks extra crazy or their nose is too big.

Tell us about this portrait of Scout. It is adorable! 
I am so glad you like it!  It was the first dog of it's breed that I've done.  The curly hair is cute.

If someone would like a portrait commissioned, how should they contact you? or my Etsy store: