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  • Are Kids Turning Away From Pet Ownership?

    4 comments / Posted on by Leslie Hayes

    According to a recent Pet Age article, there are growing concerns that Children May Be Losing Interest In Pet Ownership. The cause? A growing infatuation with electronic gadgets, toys and video games. Ken Jones, a media producer at Pet Life Radio, is investigating this growing trend and searching for ways to turn this around. In the article, Jones comments that "We all know that pet hobbies that involve the keeping, raising and breeding of animals is good for kids. It teaches responsibility, discipline and encourages learning."

    As a web site that sells quality products for dogs and dog owners, we hope that this trend reverses - for a number of reasons. Obviously, as the songs goes, "the children are our future" and a dwindling dog ownership would be bad for dog supply retailers such as PupLife. Simply put, children are PupLife's future customers and it is in our best interest to keep them interested in pets.

    However, the most important concern for us is that children will miss out on the joys that are unique to pet ownership. The comfort that a dog can offer a child that is feeling down, after a bad day or setback. A pet can cheer you up, give you strength and bring support. The laughter and excitement that comes with playing with a pet in the back yard is also irreplaceable. The licks on the face, the wags of the tail, and the snuggling that a dog can offer simply can't be replaced by a laptop, tablet, video game or electronic device. 

    Don't get us wrong.  We love computers (we make our living on them) and we think that they electronic devices can have a central role in our lives. We can't imagine not working on a Macbook, playing on a PlayStation or checking emails on our iPhone. Tech gadgets are here to stay and they make our lives easier, and more fun. That's a good thing.

    But technology can never, ever replace a dog and the love that only a four legged friend can bring. Children need this unconditional love and they amazing feeling that pet ownership brings. With that said, we'll log off the computer now and go play with our pets. If you agree, make sure to comment on this post and/or share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. And then give your pet a belly rub. 

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