• Aromatherapy Deodorizing Soy Candle For Pets - Happy Jasmine

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Aromatherapy Deodorizing Soy Candle For Pets - Happy Jasmine

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The Happy Jasmine Deodorizing Soy Candle will lift your pet's spirits and keep your house free of pet odor. In fact, pet odor is a thing of the past with this Aromatherapy Deodorizing Soy Candle. Deodorize your home the natural way with this hand poured soy candle. Each candle has a luxurious fragrance. Most candles have an amazing 40 hour burn time.  The apothecary-inspired glass design is a nice plus, making this candle an elegant touch to any interior design. 6 ounce candle (240 grams).

Key Ingredients: Jasmine Essential Oil. Soy Wax. Please note that “frosting” is a natural property of soy wax, not an imperfection. Soy wax is sensitive to temperature changes; with temperature change your candle may appear to pull away from the sides of the glass. These physical variations do not impact performance. Light and enjoy.
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