• Love Has No Age Limit - Welcoming An Adopted Dog Into Your Home

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Love Has No Age Limit - Welcoming An Adopted Dog Into Your Home

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Winner of the DWAA Maxwell Award for 2011, Best Soft-cover Guide and the North Shore Animal League America Award.

Love truly has no age limit, and we welcome the adoption of dogs, all ages and all breeds. All dogs are special. This book can be a huge help to those that want to adopt a new dog, at any age.

So here you are, right next to a new dog who just entered the house, and whose life history you know little or nothing about. Now what? How do you welcome an adult or adolescent dog into your home and incorporate this new individual into your family? This booklet is designed to help you ease the transition from "new dog" to "family member" by guiding you through the first steps of this new relationship. 

Love Has No Age Limit includes information on what to do as you enter the house, how to handle the first few days, what to do and what not to do as you get to know each other, and tips on everything from the car ride home to the first vet visit. It includes advice on training and a section on solving common behavioral problems to helps prevent the most frequent dilemmas that people encounter when adopting a new dog.

Edition: 2011 Paperback, 96 pages