• West Paw Reknitz Dog Sweaters
  • West Paw Reknitz Dog Sweaters
  • West Paw Reknitz Dog Sweaters
  • West Paw Reknitz Dog Sweaters
  • West Paw Reknitz Dog Sweaters
  • West Paw Reknitz Dog Sweaters

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West Paw Reknitz Dog Sweaters

$39.99 $45.99

Reintroducing Reknitz® (Reclaimed + knit = re-knitz!) cotton dog sweaters.  Made with 76% reclaimed cotton, these cozy, earth-friendly dog sweater are back in hipper, brigher and bolder colors.  Stylshly striped or simply solid,  Reknitz dog sweaters are made in the USA, naturally! These warm dog sweaters prevent the extra scraps of cotton from becoming waste or being incinerated. And, they are made in the USA.

What Is Reclaimed Cotton?
Reknitz cotton yarn is derived from pre-consumer textile table remnants, that are cleaned and separated into raw fibers. The cotton fibers are then blended with 24% new acrylic fibres and spun into yarn for West Paw dog sweaters. What’s more is that the fibers are not re-colored, as the careful mixing of textile cuttings creates the eye-catching palette we use in Reknitz™.

Through a process of collecting the cotton, cleaning and separating it into raw fibers, West Paw Reknitz dog sweaters are made. How cool is that?

Available in 7 sizes, simply measure your dog from collar to tail to determine the recommended size for your little furry friend. Please note: Reknitz are made specifically for small breeds. Every Reknitz dog sweater is machine washable (use cold/cold and dry on delicate).

Kelly with Cobalt Stripe
Iceberg with Poppy Stripe
Geranium with Kelly Stripe

Measure your dog from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. For broad chested or stout dogs choose one size up.
12 – 12-14"
14 – 14-16"
16 – 16-18"
18 – 18-20"
20 – 20-22"
22 – 22-24"
24 - 24-26"
  • Size 12
  • Size 14
  • Size 16
  • Size 18
  • Size 20
  • Size 22
  • Size 24
  • Kelly
  • Kelly w/Cobalt Stripe
  • Iceberg
  • Iceberg w/Poppy Stripe
  • Geranium
  • Geranium w/Kelly Stripe
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