• Gold Paw African Wild Dog Fleece Coat
  • Gold Paw African Wild Dog Fleece Coat
  • Gold Paw African Wild Dog Fleece Coat
  • Gold Paw African Wild Dog Fleece Coat
  • Gold Paw African Wild Dog Fleece Coat

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Gold Paw African Wild Dog Fleece Coat


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  • African Wild Dog

Now your dog can reclaim his or her wild side and be a force for nature! This original print captures the unique beauty of the highly endanged African Wild Dog (also called Painted Dogs). Gold Paw will donate one dollar for each coat purchased directly to the World Wildlife Fund East African Wild Dog Project.

The African Wild Dog Fleece Coat is snugwear for indoors and outdoors! Gold Paw has perfected a lightweight fleece pullover for every dog – made right here in the USA. No sleeves or velcro, just stretchy lightweight fleece. Pull it on and turn down the handsome collar, and your dog will be snugly and comfortable all day and night.

Great for older or short-haired dogs, or those recovering from surgery or illness. The Cozy Coat is water resistant and provide excellent belly and chest coverage. A terrific coat for temperate climates or can be layered under a jacket.

Available in 15 sizes to cover every dog from Chihuahua puppies to Great Danes. Machine Washable and Dryable.

The exclusive African Wild Dog pattern echoes the unusual beauty of the so-called Painted Dog. Flattering for all domestic dog colors, this coat is made from thick, cozy fleece and edged in chic black binding for added durability.

Measuring for the Fleece Coat
• The size of the coat refers to the length of your dog’s back.
• Measure from the base of the neck to the beginning of the tail.
• Regular size refers to the measurement around the widest part of your dog’s chest.

Learn More About African Wild Dogs
Lycaon pictus are members of the Canidae family, and the most endagered relative of the domestic dog in the wild. They are not to be confused with Hyenas, which are actually more closely related to mongooses and meerkats than dogs, and are in a completely different biological family, Feliformia, which also includes cats.

African Wild Dogs are lean, 35 – 80 lbs, and tall about 30 inches at the shoulder and 40 long with another foot of tail. They have a special coat, each unique to its owner, in a disruptive pattern that makes a group of dogs look much larger than they really are and confuses prey.

They have an unusual social structure in which males help raise the pack’s cubs and there is very little aggression among pack members. If young dogs are present at a kill, adults will even allow them to eat first, unlike any ather pack arrangement, like lions or wolves.

They are among the most efficient hunters in the world, playing a pivotal role in maintaining the ecosystem’s balance. They work together to bring down a wide range of prey, calling to each other (they sounds like birds) and directing each other’s movement with their large ears.

African Wild Dogs
Photo by Bart Swanson

Wild Dog at Bronx Zoo
Photo by Stavenn

The World Wildlife Fund East Africa Project
There are only an estimated 3,000 – 5,000 Wild Dogs left in the wild. One third of them are found in the Selous Reserve in Tanzania. Through the funding of this project, WWF started monitoring, assessing threats and managing the dogs with the help of local communities.