• Dublin Dog Collar - Daisy Daze (Cotton Candy)

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Dublin Dog Collar - Daisy Daze (Cotton Candy)


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Sweet, Stylish & Super Rugged
Dublin Dog Collars are amazing all-style-no-stink collars that rinse clean in two seconds flat and never harbor odor-releasing bacteria. We’ve got one word for you, delicious! This collar barks, "I’m a girl, I’m sweet and sassy, pet me or I’ll eat your flip flops". With sweet white flowers bathed in pink and yellow, this collar can make the biggest Tom-Boy put on a tutu for a skipping session in the park.

Not Your Grandpa's Dog Collar
This isn't your grandpa's dog collar. The first thing you'll notice is how it feels in your hand. Solid. Tough. Like it could stand up to some serious abuse. And it can, because it's created from a special blend of polymers that are nonporous and 100% waterproof. (The nonporous thing is important, because that's what prevents Dublin Dog Collars from harboring odor-causing bacteria).

Embossed Buckle & Leash Ring Detailing
Your dog might not care about looks, but we know you do. That's why Dublin Dog went the extra mile and added an embossed design to the buckle and leash ring. It's little touches like this that really finish off these products - touches you won't find on generic nylon collars.

Collar Designs
As you can see, the designs on Dublin Dog collars are molded into the product. We start with a steel form and hand-inject a special blend of liquid polymers into the lowest grooves (the pinwheel designs above). Then, we put the collar through a special heater and inject the next layer of polymer. We repeat this process over and over until each layer is imbedded into the others, creating one unified piece.

Lifetime Guarantee - Yes, You Read That Right!
All Dublin Dog products come with a lifetime guarantee against defective craftsmanship. Plus, Dublin Dog collars are tested to hold over seven times your dog's weight. Bottom line: unless your best friend is from Krypton, these things aren't breaking.

Collar Sizing
Over 90% of our returns come from folks who order the wrong size collar. To save yourself some hassle, please take a second to read our collar sizing instructions.

Size Circum. Band Width
Small: 11-14" 0.625"
Medium: 12.5-17" 1"
Large: 17-21.5" 1"