Dog Gone Green: 5 Ways You (And Your Dog) Can Help Save The Planet

Dog Gone Green: 5 Ways You (And Your Dog) Can Help Save The Planet has long supported earth friendly practices (we recycle 100% of our boxes and use recyclable packing materials whenever possible). We support earth friendly causes, and from day one we have advocated the use of eco-friendly dog products. But for many, the concept of “going green” is still new. So, for the new dog owner, and those of us in need of a refresher course, we are pleased to offer these five simple ways that you (and your dog) can “go green”.

Organic. Natural. Recyclable. Today, pet owners want to do their part to help preserve our planet’s natural resources, and fortunately, there are plenty of options. No longer relegated to the back aisles of health food stores, organic dog products are now readily available. In fact, there are so many eco-friendly dog supplies on the market, that the options can seem overwhelming.

1) Switch To Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags
Many dog owners still use plastic grocery bags to pick up their dog's waste. The problem with plastic grocery bags is that they do not biodegrade or decompose. Plastic grocery bags overwhelm landfills, where they remain for years, harming the environment. Switching to paper grocery bags is a great first step. Opting for Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags is the next step.

2) Replace Old Dog Toys With New, Earth Friendly Alternatives
Always inspect your Dog Toys for tears, rips or tatters. If the toy is in disrepair, replace it right away with an earth-friendly alternative. offers a wide assortment of earth-friendly dog toys and is always searching for great new alternatives.

3) Choose An Earth-Friendly Dog Bed
How earth friendly is your dog bed? The sad truth is that there are many poor quality dog beds on the market today, and most are made from materials that are not good for the environment or your dog. features a wide selection of Eco-Friendly Dog Beds, including some of the best brands available. These beds are not only super comfy, they are good for the planet.

Big Shrimpy Dog Beds are super comfy, easy to care for and best of all, the inner cushion is filled with SmartFill, a 100% recycled fiber. The Big Shrimpy Original Dog Bed remains our dog Scout’s favorite and we love how easy it is to wash (just toss it in the washing machine). Big Shrimpy’s Catalina Dog Bed is perfect for small dogs that like to snuggle, and the Big Shrimpy Nest Bed is a great choice for dogs that like to curl up into a “donut”.

4) Switch To Organic Dog Treats
This one is easy! What dog doesn’t love treats? Forget about those “mystery treats” from the big chain stores. Organic dog treats are just as tasty, and they are way better for your pet. Organic Dog Treats, with natural, healthy ingredients taste fantastic and they are a wise choice for your pet.

Organic dog treats do not use the chemicals and preservatives that are found in store-bought treats. Not only are they are better for the planet, they are better for your dog. Woof!

5) Use Earth Friendly Dog Grooming Products
Avoid the chemical laden dog shampoos from the big box chains. Move to healthy, natural organic dog grooming products, and your pooch (and the planet) will thank you.

Earth Day is only once a year, but protecting our planet (and our pets) is a full time job. Switching to Earth Friendly Dog Products is a great way to make a difference. By making these simple moves, you and your pet can help to make our planet a healthier place for all.

For more on PupLife’s commitment to our planet, read our official Green Policy.

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