Dog Travel Tips

Dog Travel Tips

Traveling with your dog? Good for you! More people are traveling with their pets than ever before. Taking your dog or cat with you on a vacation can be a wonderful experience. In fact, it can be fun to travel with your dog on business trips, site seeing and of course, home for the holidays. Here are some dog travel tips to help make your adventure safe, fun and rewarding.

1) Plan Ahead – Dog Proof Your Travel Destination
Do your research beforehand: Is the place you are visiting prepared for your pet? Not all hotels accept pets, so call ahead to ensure that Fido and Fifi are welcome. Also, make sure that your pet’s destination is 100% dog-proof: dangerous objects should be stowed away, make sure there are no sharp objects out and about. Have the area cleared of small toys or objects that your pet might ingest. Make sure that your dog will be welcomed into a safe, prepared environment.

2) Packing For Your Dog’s Trip – Make A List, Check It Twice
You don’t want to arrive at your guest’s house only to find that you forgot the dog food! Make a list of all of your pet’s essentials a couple days before your travel date. Gather up the items ahead of time just to make sure you have everything you need. Our pets’ essential items include:

Pet First Aid Kit

Above: A reliable pet first aid kit, like the RC Pets Pet First Aid Kit, is a must have for any dog owner.

3) Identification – Keep Those Dog Tags Up To Date
Of course, your pet will need a dog collar and dog ID tag for safety. If you have moved recently, double check your pet’s dog ID tag. Is the information up to date? If your number has changed, order a new dog tag immediately. Consider putting an additional dog tag on the outside of your pet’s Dog Carrier, just in case.

4) Dog Travel By Car – Crates, Barriers & More
If your pooch is traveling with you by car, it is imperative to keep them comfortable, yet contained. Smaller pets can be safely confined in a large sized dog carrier (make sure there is plenty of ventilation) and/or dog booster seat with a safety tether attached to a body harness. For big dogs, a large dog travel crate might be the best fit. If your car or SUV is not big enough for a crate, consider using a vehicle pet barrier to keep your pet safely in the back, coupled with a dog car safety harness.

Dog Vehicle Barrier

Above: A Dog Vehicle Barrier can keep your pet safely in the back, allowing you to focus on driving.

A word of caution – never leave your pet unattended in the car. Temperatures can rise dramatically inside automobiles, and dogs are sensitive to this. Each year, thousands of pets die in unattended automobiles. Bring your pet with you when you exit your car, or have a trusted friend or family member watch your dog while you are away.

5) Airline Approved Dog Carriers – A Must For Plane Travel
Not all dog carriers are approved for airline travel, and airlines have different regulations on dog travel. If your small pet can fit comfortably into a small Dog Carrier, and they generally travel well, this is a perfect option. Bring treats, a small dog blanket, a dog travel bowl and dog waste bags just in case.

6) Play Time With Your Pet – Keep It Fun
Bring your pet’s favorite Dog Toys and his or her favorite Dog Treats. Reward your pet frequently during the trip, and praise your pet for good behavior during the vacation. Find a safe dog park to play in, or set aside some play time in grandma’s back yard to keep the trip fun.

With a little bit of preparation, common sense and upbeat attitude, traveling with your dog can be a fun, safe and rewarding adventure for all. If you are heading out during the warmer months, please read Muddy Paws: A Dog Owner’s Guide To Spring as well as Summer Fun: Keeping Your Dog Healthy In The Spring & Summer Months. Safety first!