3 Simple Ways To Have More Fun With Your Dog

3 Ways To Have More Fun With Your Dog

In today’s complex world, folks are working harder than ever. More hours. More responsibility. Less down time. Let’s face it, Americans are hard workers, and after a long, hard day at the office, most folks often just want to relax. Maybe have dinner, watch some TV, catch up with the family and check e-mail.

However.. many folks are missing out on an important aspect of pet ownership: play time! Setting aside fifteen minutes a day of play time with your pooch is a fantastic way to wind down. Plus, it makes your dog happy.

Many dogs are home alone all day, and some don’t even get walked every day. Dogs can become bored. That’s often when problem behavior starts. As Linda Wilson Fuoco of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette states in her article Allow Time Daily To Play With Your Dog, “Many dogs need more one-on-one play time with the people they love. Many dogs simply don’t have enough going on in their lives.”

Play time is important, but it’s just one aspect of having fun with your pooch. So, here are our three top tips for having more fun with your dog.

1) Set Aside Regular Play Time With Your Pup
Our dogs play more than most (because they work with us), but they also get regularly scheduled play time after every walk. It’s a great way to wind down from walks and get them a little tuckered out (and ready to go inside).

2) Try Out New Dog Toys Regularly
Sure, this sounds like a plug for our toy department, but it’s the truth. Dogs certainly can have a “favorite” toy, but they also like trying out new things. Every couple months, try a different Dog Toy to find new favorites. For play time, try out new plush dog toys and fetch toys on a regular basis. Your dog may surprise you with what he or she likes.

3) Take More Walks
Of course! Dogs LOVE going for walks and it’s good for you, too. After a long hard day at the office, what could be more fun than getting outdoors with your four legged friend. If you can, try to get one walk in before leaving for work, and one right after coming home. It really helps to make the transition easier. Also, if your have a favorite walk pattern, try to vary it from time to time. Dogs love finding new places to sniff and explore!

There are a million ways to have fun with our four legged friends. These three are our favorites. Try them out with your pooch, and HAVE MORE FUN!

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