PupLife's Commitment To Dog Charities

PupLife Dog Charity Assistance Program

PupLife Gives Back
As a business, PupLife strives to promote ethical treatment of animals, and we encourage compassion and responsibility toward our pets. Most of all, we celebrate the incredible bond between humans and animals. Ultimately we wish all pets and their humans a long, happy, and healthy life.

PupLife’s Dog Charity Assistance Program (DCAP)
The Dog Charity Assistance Program was created in October of 2009 to ensure that PupLife can provide some level of assistance to the greatest number of legitimate dog related charity organizations that request it.

PupLife may donate products to non-profit organization’s raffle, fundraiser or charity event if that organization can meet specific requirements. Restrictions may apply, and PupLife reserves the right to refuse participation for any reason.

To get started, please Contact Us for more information, and ask about our Dog Charity Assistance Program (DCAP).