4th Of July Dog Safety Tips: How To Keep Your Pet Safe This Independence Day


Want to make the 4th of July safer for your dog? Try these 6 easy tips.

As Americans, we feel a sense of pride as the 4th of July rolls around. Independence Day is a holiday to celebrate our country’s freedom and with all of the chaos around the world, it serves as a great opportunity for Americans to come together and embrace our country’s past, present and future. America is still strong and will always survive. Unfortunately, most dogs could care less about all of that. In fact, our guess is that if dogs could vote, they would give the entire Fourth of July weekend “two paws down”.


As groups of families and friends gather together, a dog can sense the impending commotion and this breaks the normal chain of events for the household. Furniture may be moved, tables and lawn chairs are suddenly brought out. Bold decorations may even be set up. Strangers invade the house, and that often can include little children that are not familiar with how to approach and communicate properly with dogs. Then comes the worst part: explosions.

As many dog owners will attest, fireworks can be terrifying to dogs of all sizes and ages. Dogs obviously have no clue that exploding fireworks are simply expressions of celebration. They see bright flashes in the sky and hear ground shaking explosions. The experience can be absolutely horrifying for dogs. For dogs that already have a fear of thunderstorms, the fireworks seem like incredible lightning flashes.

So, how can you make the Fourth of July easier for your dog? Here are some tips from the PupLife staff. Please keep these in mind as the holiday approaches. If you know someone with a dog that is planning a fourth celebration, please e-mail them this article.

  1. Keep Your Dog Away From Fireworks Displays
    If you are traveling to the fairgrounds or the beach for a fireworks display, leave the dog home. It is natural to want to include the pooch, as they are an integral part of the family, but this is one time where it is best to leave them out of the family dynamic. Believe me, they won’t miss a thing and you will enjoy the display more without worrying that your dog will get scared and run off.

  2. Keep Your Dog Indoors
    Preferably in their favorite “safe place”, whether that be their Dog Bed, their crate or even a particular spot in the house. If your dog feels safe in a specific place, let them stay there, even if guests ask to see the dog. Simply explain that your dog is skittish during fireworks, so she or he is taking a nap.

  3. Keep The Doors Closed
    If you have guests going in and out of the house, make sure that your dog does not have access to the door that keeps opening and closing. A dog gate blocking off your dog's access to the door is also a great idea. Someone once told us that more dogs are lost during the 4th of July Weekend than any other. We haven’t had a chance to fact check that yet, but it does make sense.

  4. Keep The Curtains Closed
    This helps during thunderstorms as well. Dogs often see the flashes in the sky and assume that it is lightning. Keeping the curtains closed is a small, but helpful technique for lessening the dramatic effects of fireworks and lightning.

  5. Play Soft Music In The Background
    Start the music before any fireworks display or storms start, so that the fireworks blend into the music. Keep the audio at a low to medium level, and increase it a bit during the loud parts. This can help mask the intensity of the firework detonations. Stick to soft jazz and avoid classical with loud crescendos.

  6. Dog Collar, Leash & ID Tag? Check!
    If you are dead set on having your dog stay outdoors for a fireworks display, please have your dog on a reliable Dog Leash and Harness. This goes without saying, but you would be surprised how many dog owners still think it’s okay to let their dogs roam free and simply hope nothing bad happens. If Fido has to go outdoors to make potty, once again, make sure to walk them on a leash.

    If fireworks go off while your dog is outside, they may want to flee, or become disoriented. Make sure your pet's Dog Tags are up to date, and if you want to be extra safe, an Engraved Buckle Collar is also a great idea. 

Independence Day is one of our favorite holidays. Families come together for food, conversation and a sense of pride in their country. However, it can be your dog’s least favorite. By ensuring that your dog is safe, comfortable and away from all of the commotion, you can help make the holiday weekend more bearable.

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