Beating Boredom: How To Choose The Best Interactive Dog Toys

Interactive Dog Toys

Interactive Dog Toys Keep Your Pet Stimulated
If your dog is bored with his or her dog toys, now is a great time to upgrade your collection with some of the latest Interactive Dog Toys. Never before have there been such exciting, interactive dog toys that can challenge and stimulate your dog's mind. And simply put, they are loads of fun.

Hear That? Squeaky Toys Are Technically Interactive!
Certainly, any Dog Toy with a squeaker is technically interactive. The interactive audio response that a dog receives from the "squeak" makes that dog toy all the more fun and responsive. A few good squeaky toys are a must have item in any dog toy box. Squeaky toys have been around almost as long as we have been keeping canines as pets.

Dog Treat Toys Challenge Your Pet Even More
The first generation of dog toys to actively claim the interactive crown were dog treat toys, led by the popularity of the Kong Dog Toy. These types of treat toys are usually bouncy or wobbly dog toys that can be filled with Healthy Dog Treats or Peanut Butter. Dogs love to try and get the treats out by tossing or chewing on the toy. Interactive treat toys help break up a dog's day and can also be used as positive rewards for good behavior.

Interactive Puzzle Dog Toys Take It To Another Level
The latest advancements in interactive dog toys have taken these treat toys to another level. Puzzle Dog Toys have raised the bar, making the treat challenge even more interactive. By hiding treats under pegs, slots or cups, these puzzle dog toys challenge your dog's problem solving abilities and provide mental stimulation - the perfect way to beat canine boredom. Your pup must actively think about what actions trigger the release of the treat. Problem solving is good, clean fun.

Look For Expansion Modules
Some dogs will "figure out" simple interactive toys quickly. In that case, keep different toys on hand for swapping them out. Or, look for interactive dog toys that can be connected together. Some dog toys can have expansion modules added onto the toy, making the toy more challenging over time. These are great options for super smart pets that love a challenge.

Stock Up & Rotate Your Toys
No longer relegated to rubber, this latest generation of interactive dog toys come in durable plastic, cotton, wood, recyclable materials and more. There is something for every dog's taste, style and budget. A good way to stock your dog's toy collection is to start with a variety of toys and see what toy becomes your pet's favorite. Then, add similar toys to the rotation. Change them out every few weeks, to keep the experience fresh and new for your best friend.

Fun For The Whole Family
Keep in mind that interactive dog toys also are fun for humans. How so? Well, watching your dog open and close slots, look under cups and bounce toys around the room can be a lot of fun. Plus, keeping your pet challenged is a great way to provide a positive outlet for your dog's energy. Interactive dog toys are truly, as the saying goes, "fun for the whole family".

Once your dog's stable of toys is complete, they surely will have a few favorites. Then you can try Teaching Your Dog To Fetch with their toys, to start taking your pet's interaction to a whole new level. Remember, have fun, be safe and keep on playing with your best friend!