Dogs & Babies: How To Safely Introduce Your Pet To Your Baby

Dog and Baby

How To Introduce Your Dog To Your Baby

Introducing your dog to your baby can be easily accomplished with the right preparation. So don’t leave Fido out of the loop when you’re expecting. Here are some quick and easy tips to help your dog adjust to the newest member of the family.

Rather than waiting until baby arrives, get a jump on things and modify your dog’s daily routine while you are still pregnant. By implementing a feeding/walking/playtime schedule with your dog, you’ll provide a sense of structure which will come in handy once mom arrives home with baby. 

Before baby and Fido meet in person, you can introduce your dog to your little one’s scent. Let your pooch sniff items that the baby has been in contact with: a blanket, a onesie, even a diaper. When mom and baby arrive home, keep Fido on a leash to prevent jumping. Allow your dog to see and sniff the baby and create a positive association for your dog by providing lots of yummy Dog Treats for calm, collected behavior.

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Family Life
Don’t ban your dog from interacting with the family – including the new baby. It’s important for everyone in the household to coexist peacefully, but supervision and safety are key. Don’t be afraid to use management tools (like a Dog Leash, Crate, and Dog Toys) to help you navigate through your day and still maintain your sanity! For example, when you put baby down for a nap, give Fido a treat toy in his crate.

If you are expecting a child, you may enjoy our article Preparing For Baby: What Your Dog Should Expect When You Are Expecting. Another recommended read is Kids & Dogs: 3 Great Reasons Why Children Need Pets. With a little preparation, you can create a safe and happy household for your growing family. Woof!