Five Great Mother's Day Gifts For Dog Lovers

By Jeana Abnet & Chip Green

Let's face it - moms aren't always the easiest to shop for. However, if your mother is a dog owner, shopping for gift ideas just got a whole lot easier. We gathered the PupLife staff together to pick out five favorite Mother's Day Gifts for dog lovers. Any of these items are sure to be a big hit.

1. Dog Themed Jewelry
Dog themed jewelry, necklaces and pendants make wonderful gifts for dog lovers. Get your mom a necklace so she can always remember her favorite four legged friend.

Dog Leash Hooks
2. Dog Breed Leash Hooks
What is the one thing mothers hate the most? Clutter. Help your mom on this Mothers' day keep the clutter to a minimum. These classic dog breed leash looks are the perfect solution for those tangled dog leashes by the door.
Sleeps With Dogs Pillowcase

3. Dog Lover Pillowcases
Fess up dog lovers, we all let them sleep in the bed. Why not celebrate it and proudly announce to the world, "I sleep with dogs."  Mom will love this.
4. Apparel For Dog Lovers
If your mom is also a proud "Dog Mom" why not buy her something stylish? With dozens of great t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and even Paw Print Slippers to choose from, we've got the perfect piece of apparel for your favorite pet parent.

Dog Themed Wine Glasses
5. Dog Themed Wine Glasses
This is the perfect gift for Mom. Our stemless dog themed wine glasses are sure to be a hit. Our Personalized Dog Wine Glasses can even include her pet's name and breed. 

Any of these options are fantastic choices for moms who love their dogs. Looking for more gift ideas? Read our article on How To Choose The Right Dog Bowl as well as How To Choose The Right Dog Bed. With a little bit of research, you'll easily find the right item for your BFF.