Dog Bowl Buyer's Guide

By Jeana Abnet

As a loving pet owner it is always a top priority to find the best products for your dog. That's why when it comes to buying a Dog Bowl or Raised Dog Feeder, it pays to research the variety of options on the market. Plus, it is important to consider that this dog bowl will be a fixture in your environment a long time, so you'll want to choose something that matches well with your interior design.

Here are four main topics to consider when choosing the right dog bowl for your precious pet.

1. Steel vs. Ceramic
Pros: When you purchase a Metal Dog Bowl you mean business. Forget about those low quality plastic dishes - these bowls cannot break and are very easy to rinse out. Even if your dog is as crazy as Marley these dishes will last you a very long time. Ceramic bowls on the other hand can provide more stylish aspects in terms of design. Ceramic is still very durable, and provides a much wider range of colors and styles. Both are great choices.

Cons: Stainless steel bowls can be loud especially if your dog is a messy eater. Lower quality, plastic dog bowls can slide and bounce on your floor and should be avoided for long term use. As for ceramic, they can crack if not cared for properlyand are not meant for the most extreme temperatures. It is usually wise to hand wash and rinse your ceramic bowls to keep your bowl in the best working condition. Low quality ceramic bowls have also been tied to lead poisoning - so always choose a high quality, lead-free dog bowl. All PupLife bowls are lead-free and are 100% safe for your pet.

2. Wood vs. Metal
Pros: Metal and Wood Dog Bowls are typically a little more modern than the classic ceramic or stainless steel options. Pet owners are gaining more knowledge about the quality of pet products for their dog and are realizing that the cheapest option at the time may end up costing them more down the road. Wood and metal bowls may be a little more expensive but they will last longer and provide some interior design to your home. Metal Dog Bowls similar to stainless steel cannot break and are more durable than wood. Wooden Dog Bowls will not break either and are very stylish for a house that has wooden furniture.

Cons: Metal bowls much like the stainless steel options are loud and can sometimes create unwelcome sounds. Wood bowls are durable but could become stained or warped with the amount of water that doesn't go into your dogs mouth. We all know dogs slurp and drool when they are drinking and this might cause a damage to your wooden bowls.

3. Stylish vs. Simple
Pros: Stylish water bowls often cost more than the simple and traditional bowls, however, more people today are realizing that the dog bowl is apart of your interior design and you have to look at it for the next 10+ years. Also, stylish dog bowls are typically of higher quality and will last you those 10+ years. The simpler dog bowls are good if you move them around your house, inside or outside, upstairs or downstairs or wherever.

Cons: Stylish water bowls may be more expensive at the point of purchase, but if made of higher quality materials, can outlast simpler options. Simpler dog bowls may not last as long, and replacement costs can start adding up.

4. Raised Feeder vs. Normal
Pros: A raised dog feeder is known to help the digestive system of your dog along with preventing many health defects that can come along with eating out of a normal dish. For example, Dog Bloat (twisting of the stomach) and mega-esophagus (food goes into esophagus). Both these health conditions are fatal. Also a higher dog feeder can be cleaner to maintain as your dog will not drop as much food on the floor. When your dog is eating from a raised feeder he will be more comfortable and will have better body posture. It is also easier for your dog to swallow food when eating out of a raised feeder, often helping your pet to slow down the pace.

Cons: Higher dog feeders are usually a bit more expensive. Also, raised feeders come in a variety of heights and making sure you have the correct height is important.  You can avoid these negative effects by researching which height would be best for your dog and getting the correct raised feeder with a lot of stability.

PupLife carries a wide variety of Dog Bowls in dozens of styles and sizes. By doing a little research and planning, you can easily pick out the right dog bowl for your pet, providing years of healthy eating, fun and style.

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