The arrival of Spring is a joyous occasion. The snows of winter are finally gone, and dog owners once can again go outside and play with their pets. Spring brings new opportunities for dog owners, to be sure, but also challenges, and the need for new gear- both for you and your pet. Here is a guide to help dog owners navigate the new season.

April showers may bring May flowers, but they also bring muddy paws. Your dog will certainly enjoy his or her time in the yard, but your pup will inevitably return with muddy paws. Having the right Dog Grooming Supplies and Dog Clean Up Supplies at the ready is a wise move. It is good to keep a handy dog towel at both doors, and even one in the trunk of the car.  Have that Dog Shampoo at the ready!

Spring showers often present difficulties of another nature for our pets. Many dogs suffer from thunderstorm anxiety. Incredible flashes of lightning, accompanied by loud thunder claps can frighten dogs to the point of panting, scratching and hiding in a corner. Dog owners can assist their pet by allowing them to stay in areas that their pet finds comfortable - as long as this area is safe. Several Dog Health and Safety items can also help your pet feel more at ease during times of stress.

Dog grooming becomes even more important in the Spring. After a long winter, your best friend is sure to need a bath and the warmer temperatures bring insects back into our environment. Mosquitoes carry the heart worm virus, so make sure to see your vet for appropriate heart worm prevention. Fleas and ticks can be pesky creatures and they can make life rough for our furry little family members. Natural flea and tick shampoos can be a huge help. Organic bug repellents also help keep insects off dogs and cats, and it is wise to keep a good supply on hand. Inspect your dog nightly for ticks and fleas. Remove all ticks carefully with a pair of tweezers.

On the bright side, every dog deserves a new look for Spring. PupLife's Spring Collection features a great assortment of Designer Dog Collars and Dog Harnesses that can freshen your pooch’s look. With a wide variety of colors and trendy patterns, your pooch will look like a star in his or her new collar and matching Dog Leash. A new collar can brighten your dog’s look and put a new spring into their step (no pun intended)! 

Spring is a time for change, and a time for renewal. With the right dog supplies and a little extra play time, you can make Spring a wonderful time for you and your dog. Grab your leash, pack up the dog and head out to the dog park. It’s time for some fun!

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