Our Green Policy

PupLife Official Green Policy
PupLife treasures our pets, our friends, our families and in turn, the planet that we share. That is why PupLife is proud to unveil our official Green Policy.

When PupLife opened in 2003, we decided that as a corporate policy, we would strive to work with environmentally friendly companies, promote eco-friendly dog products on our site and do our best to improve our own corporate environmental awareness. As PupLife has grown over the years, we have learned that promoting environmentally friendly products and processes is not only good for the planet – it is a sound business decision.

Eco-Friendly Dog Products: Better For Your Dog (& Our Planet)
Since 2003, PupLife has been carefully choosing and promoting an ever expanding variety of organic dog treats, food and even organic dog beds. Organic dog supplies are high quality, and the organic farming process is better for our planet.

PupLife was one of the first web sites to launch a dedicated Eco-Friendly Dog Supplies section. We pledge to expand our offerings of green products further as the years go by.

Green Shipping: The Next Wave
It is no secret that carbon emissions from delivery trucks is a huge environmental issue facing our industry. Most online stores have their products shipped to them with the associated carbon footprint and then repeat this process when sending their orders to their customers. PupLife decided there had to be a better way.

Since the beginning, PupLife partnered with independent dog supply companies (most are family owned) to have most orders sent directly to the consumer, eliminating carbon waste and reducing our shipping footprint by 50%. We are moving more and more of our product suppliers to this methodology. This direct shipping mode is better for the planet and it also reduces costs for the customer.

As part of our Green Policy, we also have made it a priority to cut down on paper consumption wherever possible including the use of electronic order confirmations in place of packing slips.

PupLife stopped using packing peanuts early on, switching to recyclable paper packaging materials. When shipping from our own warehouses, we use recycled USPS shipping boxes whenever possible. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our shipping process, and we invite you to join our efforts by recycling the boxes and paper used in your order.

Reduce, Re-use & Recycle: Right Here, Right Now
In 2007, PupLife instituted an official program to reduce its corporate waste. The result: a 90% reduction in our corporate waste. PupLife now recycles 100% of all cardboard boxes, packing paper, soda bottles, cans and office paper used in our corporate offices and warehouses. And, we are exploring ways to do even more.
Our pledge to you is to offer the finest dog products, the most reliable information, and superior customer service so that you have the tools you need to properly care for your dog’s health and well-being. Our pledge to the planet is to continually strive to reduce waste, re-use and recycle wherever we can, and as a philosophy, be good stewards of the planet we all share.