Planning An Eco-Friendly Christmas For You & Your Dog

Eco-Friendly Dog Christmas

At PupLife, we love a white Christmas (and since we are headquartered in Michigan, that's almost a guarantee every year). However, we also like to promote  green, eco-friendly products and practices.  In addition to our wonderful selection of Eco-Friendly Dog Supplies we wanted to share a few tips for “greening” your holidays. Enjoy!

O Tannenbaum
Who doesn’t love a Christmas Tree? While live trees (with the rootball) are great because they can be replanted or mulched, if you already have an artificial tree, by all means, use it. It’s better to enjoy it rather than send it off to a landfill. But, if you’re looking for an alternative, consider a potted evergreen or a fragrant rosemary topiary. You might even opt for decorating a tree in your yard!

Lighting Is Everything
All those beautiful, twinkling lights really set the holiday mood, but switching over to L.E.D. lights saves energy and money. L.E.D lights use only ten percent of the energy of traditional lights and generate less heat reducing potential fire hazards in the home. Be sure to turn off your holiday displays at bedtime or invest in a lamp-timer that will automatically turn your decorative lights on and off.

Ornamental Ideas
One of our favorite holiday projects is turning last year’s Christmas cards into holiday ornaments. With today’s hectic schedules it can be difficult to keep up with friends and family throughout the year. Sitting down with a stack of the previous year’s cards is a terrific reminder of how valuable those relationships really are and the perfect time to take a moment to appreciate the things that really matter in life – our loved ones!

Green Gifts For Dogs
Choose gifts made from recycled materials like our line of super comfy dog beds made from recycled pop bottles! From Eco-Friendly Dog Toys to Organic Dog Treats, we’ve got you covered. Check out our full line of Eco-Friendly Dog Products.

Reconnect With Nature
If you’re lucky enough to live in a balmy climate this shouldn’t be difficult, but even here in the frosty midwest, the great outdoors are simply magical at Christmas time. There’s nothing better than taking the dogs on hike through the woods with snow falling all around. So, gather up (or bundle up) the kids and dogs and enjoy some fresh air.

There are many ways to reduce, recycle and reuse during the holidays and throughout the year. Got a great suggestion? Let us know!

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