Reiki Healing Your Dog: An Interview With Annette M. Amelkovich

Reikie Healing For Dogs

Alternative forms of health and healing are becoming increasingly popular for humans and their companion animals. Canine massage, acupuncture, animal communication and Reiki are just a few ways in which we are creating happier and healthier lives for ourselves and our pets. We recently had the pleasure of talking with Annette M. Amelkovich, a Chicago-area Reiki Master and Wholistic Healer. Hi Annette. Dog owners have always been in search of the best products for their dog - the best Dog Beds, Dog Treats and Training Supplies. But today's pet owner wants to do even more their best friend. With interest in alternative healing modalities on the rise, please tell our readers about your philosophy on wholistic healing.

Annette: Alternative healing practices enrich both humans and animals making our lives better with a spiritual smorgesbord of wholistic modalities such as Reiki healing energy, intuitive insight, and nutrition and wellness education. My practice focuses on in-home visits and telephone sessions. Additionally, I offer Pampered Pooch Parties where pets and their caregivers receive Reiki sessions. Reiki is a Japanese word that literally translates “universal life energy”. Please tell us more about this ancient healing art and your practice with animals.

Annette: Reiki is a hands-on or remote natural healing modality utilized to promote healing, to feel peaceful, to re-balance, and to achieve stress release for the mind, body, and spirit. I am the conduit, the vessel, in which the cosmic or chi energy comes through me and out my hands; some people refer to it as ‘laying on of hands’. When the mind, body, and spirit are balanced and blockages are removed, the physical body may then function effortlessly.

The body is designed to function without us having to tell it what to do: the heart beats, the blood flows, digestion occurs, etc. When there is a cut or a sore, the body automatically goes to work to heal it. However, with such things as everyday living, unhealthy foods (including dry dog food), interior and exterior toxins, medications and stress, energetic blockages disrupt the natural flow and imbalances are then reflected in the physical body as health challenges.

The body is a wonderful guide of what is transpiring internally. The ideal situation is to address the issues before they become health challenges; hence, the benefit of Reiki maintenance sessions. I assist in releasing the energetic physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages. Very importantly, I get to the root cause of the situation that has manifested itself as stress and/or a health challenge in either or both the animal and the caregiver.

Interestingly, often the imbalance or health challenge is reflected in the pet but stems from something that occurred in the caregiver’s life. For example, a client of mine had a pet with a consistent urinary tract infection. Medication was given yet the infection would reappear periodically. Medication often masks the symptoms, energetically pushes the health challenge deeper into the body, and the root cause is missed. It may appear that the health challenge is gone but that may not be the case, as with this situation.

The root cause turned out to be the emotional relationship between the husband and wife. The woman was internalizing her anger for being treated by her husband like her father had as a child. She was literally ‘pissed off’ at her husband. Unable to address the emotional roadblock in the marriage, the pet’s bladder infection reflected what was happening in the marriage and captured the woman’s attention; she unintentionally avoided healing herself yet felt the need to help her pet. Emotional healing including our counseling session, Reiki for the family, and dietary changes healed the recurring infection for the pet and the unresolved anger between the spouses. What are the three most common reasons dog owners come to you?

Annette: They want to keep their dog healthy and happy, there is a health challenge, and/or there is an undesirable behavior pattern. What three things do you think humans should focus on in our relationships with companion animals?

Annette: Animals are our teachers, they are mirrors – a reflection of what is transpiring in the lives of humans, and they are Divine messengers. Therefore, we must appreciate, listen to, and treat animals with great respect. Please tell us about any current or future projects on which you are working.

Annette: Currently, I am creating packaged Reiki sessions as stress relievers during the wedding planning process for people, their pets, and the location of the ceremony. Reiki blessings and clearings create a peaceful and loving environment. Packages are also given as gifts for the wedding party and/or for guests at the reception. Additionally, I facilitate seminars on various wholistic topics for pets and people.

As for future projects, I am educating people about wholistic healing through television, radio and written publications. What I do is unique and life changing so I would love to promote this type of healing on a mass scale. I have previously appeared on Fox News TV and have written articles for various newsletters and magazines and want to continue to expand in these areas of communication. Also, I plan on developing a web site. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us today.

Annette: You’re welcome and I thank you!

For more information on Reiki and wholistic healing, contact Annette M. Amelkovich at (708) 848-6029. You may also reach her via email at

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