Tag You're It: Why Dog ID Tags Are Essential For Your Pet's Safety

Dog tags are more than just a fashion accessory today – they are essential to your pet’s safety.

Dog Tags Are Essential For Every Pet
Attaching durable, high quality Dog I.D. Tags to your pet’s favorite Collars is the best protection you have against losing your pet. Many lost dogs may never be reunited with their families, simply because they lack ID tags, or a collar with their name and phone number. Here are some simple steps on how you can ensure that your pet has a good chance of being returned to you if found by a neighbor or shelter.

Dog tags come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and colors. Cheaper dog tags often have poor finishing, and the rough edges may irritate your dogs skin. High quality dog tags are always the best option in the long run. They offer a premium finish, are more comfortable for your pet, and are more durable.

Sterling Silver Dog Tags are the height of elegance, and PupLife.com is proud to offer some of the finest sterling silver dog tags available. Our stainless steel and Enamel Dog Tags are also attractive, durable and very reasonably priced. Brass Dog ID Tags are legendary for their style and durability. No matter what type of dog tag you choose, it is essential to have them personalized with custom engraving.

Always have your dog tags engraved with your pet’s name and phone number. If you have a cell phone, and intend to have the number for some time, consider using your cell phone number as your dog tag’s number. This will allow you to search for your missing pet, and still be able to receive that vital phone call when your dog is located. Back up dog tags are always a great idea. When purchasing ID tags, match them up with a collar of your choice. As we always say, a collar for every dog, and a tag for every collar.

Of course, Dog Collars signify to everyone that “this pet has a home”, and they also are a great spot for you to leave identification. Write your dog’s name and phone number (using a permanent marker) on the inside of all collars.

Writing the word “reward” on the inside also has benefits. Sadly, many families may find a cute “lost” dog and “adopt” it as their own, even if the pet clearly has a phone number on the collar and dog tag. Offering a reward provides added incentive for the individual (or family) to call the owner. It can only help, and in this situation, having your pet safely returned is the most important thing to consider. Personalized Dog Collars are a new option that can enhance your pet's safety as well.

Make sure your dog’s collar is not too loose, and not too tight. A tight collar can be constricting, and this presents a safety hazard. A collar that is too loose may slip off, or get caught on fencing. Make sure that each and every dog collar has a matching dog tag, so that you are never tempted to allow your pet to go outside without a pet ID tag.

If you are outfitting your pet for the first time, check out our articles Dog Supply Essentials: Preparing For Your New Dog as well as Choosing A Name For Your Dog. Once your have a name for your new dog, here's an easy way to Teach Your Dog To Recognize Their Name. Ensuring that your new pet always wears a dog collar and dog ID tag can greatly increase your pet’s chances of returning home, in the event her or she should become lost.

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