The Top 3 Mistakes That New Dog Owners Make

Top 3 Mistakes That New Dog Owners Make

Bringing a new dog home is always an exciting time. Whether it is your first dog, or you are an old pro, there always seems to be something that could go wrong. Staying positive and doing everything you can to make your pet's new home comfortable is a great start. Avoiding some of the common mistakes is another way to help your pet.

Here are three of the most common mistakes that new dog owners make.

1) Not Anticipating The Amount Of Responsibility Involved
Sadly, many dogs are in shelters today because dog owners never anticipated just how much work having a pet can be. Dogs deserve plenty of attention, playtime, feedings, walks and of course, lots of love. Before bringing a dog home, please consider the amount of responsibility that you can take on. If you are in, then stick with it, even through the tough times. Dogs are living, loving creatures and they deserve the same amount of loyalty that they give you. If you have questions on specific pet issues, get some good Advice On Pet Ownership. And of course, always make sure to provide your pet with a high quality Dog Bed, Collar and Pet I.D. Tag.

2) Lack Of Proper Socialization 
What? Dogs need socialization? They sure do, especially young pups. Give your pup small doses of interaction with other dogs, children and adults. Make sure to make the experience a positive, calming, slightly playful one, so your pet remembers that other dogs and humans are nice and welcoming. Pets without proper socialization can be at risk for behavioral issues down the road. If in doubt, consult with a positive reinforcement dog trainer on socialization.

3) Lack Of Dog Training
Speaking of positive reinforcement, taking your new dog to Positive Reinforcement Dog Training is one of the best ways you can bond with your pet. In training classes, you will learn how to interact with your dog and more importantly, how to communicate the behaviors that you want out of your dog. Dogs aren't mind readers! Dog training can be lots of fun, and you will learn a lot about your new best friend in the process. A small amount of positive reinforcement dog training will pay off huge over the life of your dog.

Avoid these three common mistakes that new dog owners make and your pet should be off to a great start. More importantly, give your pet plenty of love and attention (and a game of fetch whenever you can) and you and your best pal should do just fine.

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