Top Five Dog Gift Ideas

Looking for the best dog gift ideas? Don’t worry, we’ve got you (and your dog) covered!

No matter the dog breed, these dog gift ideas are always a hit. The basic idea: choose something that benefits the dog and the dog owner. Because happy dogs make happy owners (and vice-versa). So, without further adieu, here are our Top Five Dog Gift Ideas.

Personalized Collars

1- Personalized Dog Collars
This one is a no-brainer. All you need to know? The dog's name and the dog owner's cell phone number. Use a tape measure to measure the dog's neck (you absolutely must have the right size), and you are good to go. A Personalized Dog Collar makes a spectacular gift that any dog (and dog owner) will love.

St Francis Dog Tag
2 - Personalized Designer Dog Tags
A designer dog tag is a great choice as a gift because ALL dogs need dog tags – no matter the breed, sex or dog size. Another great aspect to giving dog tags as a gift – you can personalize it. We will engrave the pet’s name and number on the the back – for free! But best of all, you can select the style of the tag (color, shape, design) and pick something that reflects the dog’s personality and style.

3 - The SENSE-ation Dog Harness
If you or someone you love has a dog that likes to pull, it might be time to try out the SENSE-ation Harness. This no-pull harness is a favorite of professional dog trainers around the world for good reason - it works. Plus, this attractive harness is a gentler, more humane solution than choke chains, allowing both human and canine to enjoy the walk. Your walks will be more enjoyable and in turn, you'll probably end up walking your dog more often. That is a gift that you and your dog will appreciate all year long.

4 - Dog Beds
We're not talking about that cheap dog bed that was grabbed from the mega-mart. We're talking about an upgraded, high-quality Dog Bed that is built to last. Something that looks fantastic so you won't need to hide it in the corner. Something that is so comfortable that the dog will actually favor it over the couch. PupLife carries the finest dog beds available - because we think that your dog deserves the best.

Dog Bowls

5 - Dog Bowls
All dogs love to eat! And while you can give dog food as a gift, a better option might be to buy that special pooch on your list the perfect dog bowl. We carry amazing Raised Dog Feeders that look great and help your pet digest their food better.

Additional Tips For Gift Givers

Looking for dog related gifts for the two legged people on your list? We have what you need! Check out our Gifts For Dog Lovers. Also, if you know a fan of a specific dog breed and want to give them the perfect gift – try our Dog Breed Gifts. Woof!

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