3 Ways To Keep Your Dog Slim


3 Ways To Keep Your Dog Slim

It’s no secret that Americans are gaining weight at an alarming rate.
 But did you know that U.S. pets are too? In fact, recent studies point out that Pet Obesity Is On The Rise. According to recent article in the Arizona Star, 25-40 percent of all dogs in America are overweight. The worst part is that most owners are simply not up to the challenge of helping their dog lose weight. It is in your best interest (and your pets) to keep your dog slim.

Worried about keeping your dog from getting overweight? We tackled this issue head on with a recent Dog Health Care Tip article entitled Is Your Dog Overweight? It’s a great place to start if your dog is overweight and you need some direction on how to handle it.


But let’s simplify things a bit. If your dog is looking a tad chubby, here are three tips to help him or her lose the pounds. Best of all, if you stick by these three rules, chances are good that you can keep your dog slim for years to come. So here goes:

1) Decrease Their Dog Food Serving Size
Sounds simple, right? Well, it is. Most people give their dogs way more food than they really need. Not sure why, but they do. Cut back the serving sizes and watch that extra weight start to melt. Keep your furry friend fully fed (of course) but if your pup is really pudgy, cutting back on their dinner is a fantastic place to start.

2) Switch To Higher Quality Dog Treats
Okay, here’s our chance to promote our own products. If your pooch is chubby and you like to give them rewards (who doesn’t?) then consider switching to lower calorie, high quality Dog Treats that are made with better ingredients. A high quality treat will provide more energy and be more satisfying to your pet.

3) Go For 2-3 Walks A Day
This is great for both dog and human! Grab a Dog Leash and Collar and hit the sidewalk! The more exercise your dog gets, the less inclined they will be to gaining weight. The fresh air is a nice plus and going for long walks can erase the stress of the day. For some extra fun, grab your pet's favorite Dog Toy and play a Game of Fetch. Dogs that get a little extra excitement in their lives and (receive more mental stimulation) are less inclined to develop behavioral problems. Come to think of it, my behavior is a little better when I get my 2-3 walks a day too!

Dealing with diets can be stressful. Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic wand that can slim your dog without effort. However, if you follow our three tips, your pooch can start losing the pounds. By simply cutting back on portion sizes, switching to low calorie treats and taking more walks with your dog, your pup will be healthier and happier. And as we always say, a healthy dog is a happy dog.

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