Meet Rita!

Posted: Feb 16 2009

Meet Rita

Rita is a gorgeous liver colored Curly Coated Retriever that we adopted in August. She is amazing. She’s sweet, playful and very smart! We are so glad to have her in our family. Here is her story (as far as we can verify).

After five years, Rita’s previous family could no longer keep her. Luckily they contacted Rita’s breeder who gladly took her back and arranged to place her in a new home. One of the hallmarks of a reputable breeder is a lifelong commitment to each and every dog they bring into the world. When we learned that Rita needed a new home, we jumped at the chance to meet her. We scheduled an initial meet-and- greet so that we could get to know Rita and also so she and Scout could interact. First impressions can tell you a lot, and ours was a very positive one, indeed.

Rita was very happy to meet us, tail-a-waggin’ and all smiles. And, when we introduced her to Scout they hit it off immediately! She’s been with us now for almost one week and things just keep getting better. Rita’s got a ton of personality. She loves all kinds of people and dogs and never passes up an opportunity to get to know someone. She’s also a big sweetie. Rita isn’t stingy with kisses and has been known to put her paws around our necks for a great big hug. She’s loves car rides and going to the beach. Her favorite toy is our Squeaky School Bus and because she’s a little on the chubby side (ahem big-boned) we’re feeding her Honest Kitchen’s Force along with Charlee Bear Turkey and Cranberry Treats for between meals snacks.

Stay tuned for more updates on Rita and Scout. We’ll be posting more pictures soon!