Five Great Mother's Day Gifts For Dog Lovers

By Jeana Abnet

Let's face it - moms aren't always the easiest to shop for. However, if your mother is a dog owner, shopping for gift ideas just got a whole lot easier. We gathered the PupLife staff together to pick out five favorite Mother's Day Gifts for dog lovers. Any of these items are sure to be a big hit.


1. Pet Memorial Necklace - Always In My Heart

Keep your pet always in your heart with this beautiful and elegant necklace. "Always in my heart" appears on the front and you can also get two custom lines of text on the back--FOR FREE. Get your mom a necklace so she can always remember her favorite four legged friend.

2. Dynamic Accents All Wood Dog Toy Boxes

What is the one thing mothers hate the most? Clutter. Help your mom on this mothers day keep the clutter to a minimum and have all the dog toys in one wooden box. Not only will this box reduce the clutter around the house but it is also very stylish and comes in all different wood designs to match your home. These toy boxes are durable and functional, perfect for storing toys and other pet essentials. 

3. Sweeney Ridge Labrador Retriever Custom Welcome Sign

Mothers love their family and they love to decorate. What better gift idea than a custom welcome sign to hang outside and give your house a little decoration. Customize this charming sign to proudly display your family's name. Mount it near the entrance, your front door, landscape stone or in the garage. This sign is durable and made from steel, a silhouette of your favorite breed is featured on over your families name. Made in the U.S.A and a perfect gift for mom. Available in a variety of dog breeds.



4. Original Oil Painting Of Her Favorite Breed
If your mom is one who loves to hang portraits all over the walls then this is the gift for her. These oil paintings come in many different types of breeds and is an ideal home accent. This item looks great in any room and will look just like a portrait of your dog.

5. Aromatherapy Deodorizing Soy Candle For Pets

What is better than a good smelling house? This deodorizing soy candle cancels out any odder your furry friends bring with them. Each candle has a luxurious fragrance, and would make a perfect mothers day gift.  Keep the slobber, dirt, and hair odors out of your house with this perfect smelling candle.


Any of these options are fantastic choices for moms who love their dogs. Looking for more gift ideas? Check out our Gifts For Dog Lovers category.