• Dublin Dog Simply Solid Dog Collar - Pink


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Dublin Dog Simply Solid Dog Collar - Pink


  • Small
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An Adorable Pink Collar - That Lasts!
Prep Passee? We say, no way! Pulling from the best of breed in fashion and style, Pink & Brown are the quintessential statement of, “I am here, hear me Bark”. Now where’s my Chewy Vuitton purse?

All-Style, No-Stink Dog Collars
Dublin Dog's patent-pending collars are created from a special blend of synthetic polymers that won't absorb moisture, retain dirt, or harbor bacteria. And that's great news since, let's face it, if it's wet, muddy or stinky, your dog will find it. When he does, just rinse the collar under a bit of water and you're ready for the next adventure. Made in America.

The Dublin Dog Guarantee
Dublin Dog fully guarantees all  products against defects in material and workmanship. Plus, these All Style, No Stink Collars have a pull strength of 1200 lbs per square inch.

Dog Collar Sizing
Size: Circum. - Band Width
Small: 11-14", 0.625"
Medium: 12.5-17", 1"
Large: 17-21.5", 1"