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Nom Nom Fresh Dog FoodGood Enough To Eat: Nom Nom Fresh Dog Food Is A Convenient & Healthy Choice

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With Americans coping with a pandemic, more people are taking advantage of fresh pet food delivery services. Nom Nom is one of the leading dog food delivery services out there, so we decided to give it a try. Spoiler alert: our dog loves it, and so far, so do we.

Grubhub, Instacart, UberEats, you name it, Americans are hopping on board with the fresh food delivery trend and we don't see any turning back now. With fresh food delivery all the rage, it only makes sense that fresh dog food delivered to your door would be the next big thing. But how did we get here, and what's the future for dog food?

America's transition from bagged kibble in bulk to fresh dog food has been slow, but inevitable. Dog owners that have discovered a food that their pet likes are resistant to change. However, change can be good for your dog (and for the owner), especially when the switch is to a higher quality, more convenient solution. We think Nom Nom dog food offers both.

Since starting PupLife back in 2003, the dog food industry has shifted towards quality and convenience. The adoption of human-grade dog food really took off with the mass distribution of Newman's Own Organics brand in the U.S. The raw dog food movement followed right after that, with frozen raw food being sold in freezers at select retailers. Dehydrated raw dog food was easier to ship, store, and prepare, and brands like Honest Kitchen and Stella and Chewy became all the rage. Add some water, wait a few minutes and voila, you have fresh raw dog food.

Nom Nom Fresh Dog Food is the next natural step for pet owners searching for healthy, convenient meals. Nom Nom is a frozen dog food that is shipped to you, ready to thaw out and stock your fridge. No rehydrating needed, and it looks and tastes exactly like something you would make in your kitchen. All Nom Nom dog food is USDA-grade and restaurant quality. In fact, on a day that you are starving, you may have to resist the temptation to take a bite yourself!

Nom Nom Fresh Dog Food: Turkey Fare

Above: A closeup of the Turkey Fare Dog Food by Nom Nom. Yes, it is restaurant quality, but please remember to save some for your dog!

Getting started on a two-week trial is simple: fill out a quick survey on their site and get their recipe recommendations (our dog Hugo prefers the Turkey Fare and the Chicken Chow). If you are in a gluten-free house (whether for Celiac Disease or just for health), the Turkey Fare is perfect, because it is gluten-free. Place your order online and you'll get fresh, ready to eat dog food delivered to your door.

The food arrives packed in a recyclable box, kept cold and fresh, with dry ice. As pointed out in our article How To Switch Your Dog's Food, it is best to change your pet's diet gradually. Fortunately, Nom Nom comes with transition meals that you can use to blend with your dog's current food. This ensures that your dog will enjoy the food, and not have any digestive issues during the switch.

If you are not sure which flavor to go with, check out their Variety Pack, that contains 150g sample bag of each of these four recipes for dogs, plus samples of each of single-ingredient Chicken and Beef Jerky treats.

All Nom Nom food is made with American ingredients, in their own FDA compliant facilities in California and Nashville. Everything ships in dry ice, keeping the food cold, fresh, and ready to eat. The packaging is recyclable, and you don't even need scissors, simply pull it open!

If you are considering trying Nom Nom fresh dog food, make sure to Save 50% On Your First Order by clicking over to their site, directly from this article. Love it? Make sure to let us know.

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